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Course DATES

Tuesday 27 April: 10am to 12pm


TetraMap® is a worldwide proven learning model designed to grow everyone’s potential. It offers a powerful tool for developing people, teams and organisations, helping to increase performance through strong collaboration and more effective communication.


The TetraMap global community of certified facilitators includes trainers, facilitators, organisational development specialists, learning and development professionals, coaches and teachers.

By becoming certified you will be able to introduce TetraMap to your organisation and/or clients and help others to raise self and team esteem, feel inspired and connected. You will learn how to facilitate workshops which can be built into a range of organisational events, processes, learning programmes and challenges.

If you are involved in developing teams, nurturing leadership potential, in planning or if you are looking to cultivate empathy between employees and other groups, then TetraMap offers you a fantastic learning framework. Above all, TetraMap will quickly shift thinking, engage in a fun, dynamic way and prove easy to apply.

The learning environment combines live classroom learning with post session personal discovery.

Emma is facilitating this learning programme on behalf of TetraMap International.  If you’d like to know more, please complete the enquiry form below.

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