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Conflict Coaching

When conflicts get stuck, a specialist coaching environment can open the space to widen out the options.


Individual, Group and Mediation Conflict Coaching

Conflict inevitably crops up in our personal and professional lives. Even so, its frequency doesn't always mean that we find disagreements comfortable when they escalate.

Every person experiences conflict differently. What we value, our past experiences and our communication preferences are just some of the factors that influence whether we detect conflict and how we respond to it.

Occasionally, a disagreement can take a relationship to an edge – a rather thin line between what feels possible to repair and what doesn’t. As a qualified coach and mediator, Emma works with her clients to develop their own resources to gain perspective and progress through their own conflicts and beyond.

We have a number of options that can help you to develop your own conflict competence.

Online and in person coaching options are available.

Emma’s coaching clients are based around the world.

Conflict Coaching Options


Individual coaching

Perhaps you want to alter how you respond to conflict or you might want to adapt how you approach managing other people who are in a dispute. Emma will work with you to assess and develop your response in situations where disagreements escalate. For leaders and manager, we will also look at how you can help groups to progress through situations of negative conflict and regain productive relationships..


Group coaching

Emma acts as a neutral facilitator to coach groups who are in a disputes. This begins with separate coaching sessions with the people who are involved. A facilitated group session follows where we will work through the issues and identify a way forward. This approach works particularly well when the formality or tone of more formal alternative dispute resolution options seem less appropriate..


Mediation coaching

As your coach, Emma will work alongside you to help familiarise you with the process so that you have the potential to feel confident and communicate effectively throughout the mediation. This may include pre-mediation preparation, acting as a silent partner in the mediation and supporting you in developing your conflict management skills for the future. It can also involve post-mediation support, including transitioning into a new agreement or even navigating a return to the mediation table.

“Emma worked with our team to address challenging issues. Emma provided a space for us to discuss difficulties, to understand differences and find positive ways forward – improving working relationships and ensuring successful outcomes. In just a few weeks, Emma was able to change perceptions, enhance communication and enable the team to co-create solutions. The ideas that emerged from these sessions, expertly facilitated by Emma, have had a lasting impact within our organisation.”

Trust Manager, UK Environmental Charity

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