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Conflict resolution that’s voluntary, judgement-free and confidential.


Civil & Commercial Mediation; Workplace Mediation

Sometimes relationships can get stuck, falter or even break down. As your mediator, Emma acts as a neutral and impartial third party who is focussed on helping you to create an agreeable solution that meets your objectives.

Emma is a qualified civil, commercial and workplace mediator with wide experience in human behaviour, communication and conflict management.

Through the mediation process, Emma  facilitates the parties involved in any dispute to reach their own solution. 

Solicitors and legal advisers are welcome in the process to support the parties as they may wish. 

With a friendly, calm and highly professional approach, Emma ensures the conflict resolution process is flexible so that those involved can determine how it can best work for them.

Lucid’s mediation fees are competitive with market rates.

Online and in person mediation options are available

Emma’s clients are based around the world.

Mediation Options


Civil & Commercial MEDIATION

Negotiate an outcome and stop a dispute from spiralling further.

Civil and commercial mediation can be used to resolve a wide range of disputes, including contracts, boundaries, commercial matters, employee exits, wills and probate and professional negligence.



Facilitating the restoration of productive and positive workplace relationships.

Workplace mediation is an informal, confidential and structured approach to conflict resolution for people or teams within a workplace. 

“Emma brings to her commitments a wealth of experience and high-level engagement. She is business-savvy, astute to commercial imperatives, and capable of elevating parties above the immediate, often blinkered approach to strategy, problems or disputes, to seeing the long term objectives – and paths to fulfilling those objectives – which can otherwise seem remote in the pressures of the moment. Her calm, measured approach, allied to a keen intellect, means that she commands the confidence of all with whom she works. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her proven track-record of success.”

Litigation Partner, Law Firm

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