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Transformational learning programmes that inspire, engage and upskill.


In-house learning tailored to your organisation.

Emma creates learning experiences with the objectives of your organisation in mind. Available in person and online, these programmes are easy for groups to access

Emma is an experienced trainer who designs and facilitates learning experiences for teams and organisations.  The topics we train on touch on all aspects of communications.  Each programme is built to grow awareness, build confidence and gain new strengths in a fun environment so that participants can flourish.

Our learning programmes include:

  • Modelling leadership
  • Raising self and team esteem
  • Coaching skills for the organisation
  • Transforming team performance
  • Progressing through conflict and beyond
  • Making difficult conversations productive
  • Negotiation
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Building resilience

In person and e-classroom learning options are available

Emma’s clients are based around the world.

Training Options



Programmes created to support the development of leadership capabilities in your organisation.



Courses can be built around the specific needs of a team.



Learning events designed to help people whose role involves motivating others to perform to their best.


Specific courses

Don’t need a whole programme?  We design one-off courses for instances where there’s one specific learning outcome in mind.

“Our workshop helped to secure greater buy in and more of a team commitment to an area of business development that we previously found quite difficult. We were really enthused afterwards and gained a greater understanding of ourselves and our prospective clients and left with a plan to follow.”

Managing Director, Financial Services

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