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Emma is a professional facilitator who designs in person and online workshop environments that enable teams to collaborate, connect and move forwards.

Within any team will be tremendous diversity, rich resources and huge potential. Conversations which channel the flow of energy within a group towards one purpose can lead to amazing results. Sometimes an external facilitator can help to shape an environment which opens the space for groups to engage with the topic and each other.

Emma works with organisations in the private and not for profit sectors in the Channel Islands and beyond. She facilitates purposeful and creative conversations among leadership groups, boards and teams on a wide range of topics that build clarity, harness energy and connect thinking.

Emma has been facilitating since 2015 her style of facilitation is open, authentic and always in service to the group. She is a Certified and Master Facilitator of TetraMap®, a global learning model. She uses and creates a diverse range of approaches to open the space for creativity, clear thinking, purpose and connection.

Online and in person facilitation

Emma’s clients are based around the world.

Facilitation Options


Leadership events

Conversations and workshop environments for leaders and boards.


Team events

Conversations designed for the purpose at hand that engender collaboration and creativity.


Focus groups

Professional focus group design and facilitation.


strategy & planning

Taking time out for planning is a commitment that can be enjoyable and productive!

“Our workshop helped to secure greater buy in and more of a team commitment to an area of business development that we previously found quite difficult. We were really enthused afterwards and gained a greater understanding of ourselves and our prospective clients and left with a plan to follow.”

Managing Director, Financial Services

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